California Hospital Medical Center

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About the Clinic

Services Offered

The clinic may offer more services and procedures than what is listed below. To make an appointment, you can choose to book online here and we will handle the rest.

Imaging Tests and Prices

MRIStarting from $1,468
Abdomen - Without Contrast$3,918
Abdomen - With Contrast$5,680
Abdomen - With and Without Contrast$6,543
Brain - With and Without Contrast$6,648
Brain (Including Brain Stem) - Without Contrast$3,981
Cardiac MRI - Unspecified$1,651
Chest Spine - Without Contrast$2,673
Leg Joint - Without Contrast$1,468
Lumbar Spine - Without Contrast$3,240
Lumbar Spine - With and Without Contrast$5,410
Neck Spine - Without Contrast$3,154
Neck Spine - With and Without Contrast$5,267
Upper Extremity Joint - Without Contrast$1,699

Clinic Information

     1401 South Grand Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90015
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