Get a Referral for an Imaging Procedure

Want to book an imaging study but need a doctor’s referral?

Through UC Irvine Health, you can schedule a video call with a UC Irvine Provider who will meet with you, and, pending their clinical judgement, may provide a referral for an imaging study.

Now, you can skip having to travel to the doctor’s office and instead connect live with a provider today. It’s costs $39 without insurance and if you qualify according to the provider’s clinical judgement, you can get a referral today.

Click below to be transferred to UC Irvine’s website and book your virtual consultation and move one step closer to the care you want, effortlessly. 

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Important Notice:

Disclaimer: By clicking the button above, you will be redirected to UC Irvine’s website. Expected Healthcare is not responsible for any interactions, consultations, or transactions that occur on UC Irvine’s website. The services, advice, and recommendations provided by the healthcare professionals at UC Irvine are solely their responsibility. Expected Healthcare does not endorse, warrant, or guarantee the accuracy, quality, or outcomes of any services provided by UC Irvine or its healthcare professionals.

Payment and Financial Responsibility: All payments for services rendered by UC Irvine, including the $39 consultation fee, are made directly to UC Irvine. This fee may not be covered by your insurance and is due at the time of your appointment. Expected Healthcare is not involved in the payment process and will not be responsible for any payment-related issues, including but not limited to billing disputes, requests for refunds, or insurance claims.

Clinical Decisions: Any medical advice or treatment you receive is based on the independent clinical judgment of the healthcare providers at UC Irvine. Expected Healthcare does not influence or control the medical decisions made by these providers. Therefore, Expected Healthcare cannot be held liable for any outcomes resulting from the medical advice or treatment provided by UC Irvine’s healthcare professionals.

Complaints and Inquiries: For any questions, concerns, complaints, or requests for refunds related to your interaction with UC Irvine, please contact UC Irvine directly. Expected Healthcare is not responsible for resolving any issues that may arise from your use of UC Irvine’s services.

No Guarantee of Referral: There is no guarantee that you will receive a referral for any imaging study or other services. The decision will be based solely on the Provider’s clinical judgment regarding what is best for your care.

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