Built by people just like you.

We experienced the same pain points you have  – We hadn’t met our deductible. We didn’t have enough funds saved up in our annual HSA. We felt that we were being forced to accept $1,000+ medical bills.

Until we felt there should be a better way.

Enter Expected.

At Expected Healthcare, our mission is to arm you the power to know what you are getting into – to know what to expect by bringing price transparency, knowledge, and modern tech amenities to the healthcare journey.

We started off as a small team with a big, big mission.




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Our Values

We empower the everyday patient to know what to expect with their healthcare decisions.

User Advocacy

We put the user first, because everyone needs an advocate to fight for them in healthcare.


We seek to build a place where our teammates are enabled to do their best work.


Modern problems with fierce incumbents require innovation and nimbleness to win.


We can go further together than alone. We break down silos and assume the best intentions.

A Few of Our Partners

Our Founding Team

Margaret Anderson, MD

Cofounder and CEO

Marcus Elliot

Cofounder and CTO

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